Australian Corporate Accountability Network of Australia

About us

How We Work


The Australian Corporate Accountability Network (ACAN) is a network of civil society organisations, academics and individuals working to promote accountability and respect for human rights by Australian businesses wherever they operate.


  • Improving knowledge and transparency surrounding the human rights impacts of Australian business activities, including economic and environmental impacts where such impacts interfere with enjoyment of human rights by individuals and communities.
  • Increasing accountability by Australian businesses for their impacts on communities, individuals and environments.
  • Improving access to effective redress in Australia by individuals and communities whose rights are affected by Australian business operations.
  • Integrating responsibility for human rights into business decision-making, structures and practices including throughout corporate families and supply chains.
  • Reforms to Australian laws and policies that promote business transparency, accountability, responsibility and remedy.


  • Improve networking and communication between Australian civil society organisations, academics and individuals working in the area of corporate accountability by holding regular meetings, workshops and conferences;
  • Encourage information, resource-sharing and joint work on corporate accountability within Australia and elsewhere through outreach and a strong social media network;
  • Promote public understanding and involvement in corporate accountability work and campaigns through the development of public facing social media on corporate accountability issues in Australia and elsewhere;
  • Identify and coordinate research required on issues relating to corporate accountability that can contribute to the advocacy aims of its members or bring attention to particular human rights and sustainability concerns.


The Australian Corporate Accountability Network welcomes involvement from organisations and individuals who share our aims.  Members can choose their level of activity, from occasional attendance of events, to regular contribution to policy discussions on our email list.

The Australian Corporate Accountability Network meets twice annually in person to set strategy and priorities for the next six months.  Invitations to the bi-annual meeting are sent out through our newsletter, which you can sign up to below. In between bi-annual meetings, the Network is coordinated by a Steering Committee who are empowered to make decisions about the running of the Network in keeping with its purposes and the priorities agreed to at the bi-annual meeting.   The ACAN Steering Committee is currently constituted by: 

  • Keren Adams, Director of Advocacy, the Human Rights Law Centre
  • Andrea Maksimovic, Associate Director of International and Civil Society, Australian Council of Trade Unions
  • Brynn O'Brien, Adviser, Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility
  • Shelley Marshall, Vice Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow, RMIT University


The Australian Corporate Accountability Network is currently funded by an RMIT University grant in keeping with RMIT University's commitment to fostering responsible business. 

We welcome funding from non-business sources who share and support our purposes.