Australian Corporate Accountability Network of Australia

Steering Committee

Steering Committee Members


Dr Shelley Marshall

Shelley is an academic based at RMIT University who has researched and worked in corporate accountability for around 20 years. Her research has informed labour law reform in several countries and the policies of the International Labour Organisation regarding informal, precarious workers.  In 2016, Shelley and her team published 20 reports on access to remedy when communities and workers experience human rights breaches at the hands of transnational business. Her books on corporate accountability include: Fair Trade and Corporate Accountability: Experiments in Globalising Social Justice (Ashgate, 2010) and Labour Regulation and Development (2016).

Andrea Maksimovic

Andrea Maksimovic is the Associate Director of International and Civil Society at the Australian Council of Unions. She has worked for and with trade unions in Australia and in Brussels, campaigning on labour rights in supply chains, free trade agreements, and corporate accountability for 20 years. Andrea’s recent work at the ACTU has focused on migration and workers’ capital.

luke fletcher

Luke is Executive Director of Jubilee Australia having held various staff and Board roles since 2005. He is the principal author of many of Jubilee's major reports including Risky Business (2009), Alternatives to Debtor's Prison (2011) and Pipe Dreams (2012). Before becoming involved in economic justice work, he worked at a variety of places including the National Science and Technology Centre (Questacon) and the Inspire Foundation. Luke has a PhD from Cambridge in Politics and International Studies (2015) and a Masters from UC Berkeley (2009).

Keren Adams

Keren Adams is Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, leading the organisation’s work on business and human rights. A former partner at London human rights firm Leigh Day, her work in Australia and internationally has included range of landmark cases against multinationals for abuses in their overseas operations. These included the UK’s then largest-ever group claim against oil trader Trafigura on behalf of victims of toxic waste dumping in the Cote d’Ivoire and against sugar giant Tate & Lyle on behalf of rural farmers dispossessed by land grabs in Cambodia, as well as claims against the state and companies involved in the unlawful detention and abuse of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. Keren is a former director of the UK Corporate Accountability Coalition (CORE) and a member of the Australian Government’s Advisory Group on Business and Human Rights.

Brynn O'Brien

Brynn O’Brien is a lawyer, advisor and researcher in the area of 'business and human rights.' She started her career as a corporate lawyer, and then went on to practise human rights law, representing refugees in Australia’s detention centres, and people who had suffered human trafficking and severe exploitation in Australia. Now as Executive Director of the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility, she works advance large Australian companies' accountability for their impacts on people and the environment. She is also an advisor to Jubilee Australia, which promotes economic justice and accountability in the Asia-Pacific region.

Dr Ingrid Landau

Ingrid is a Lecturer in the Department of Business Law and Taxation at Monash Business School. Her PhD research focuses on the implications of human rights due diligence for the protection and promotion of labour rights in a global economy.  She has worked as a researcher at Melbourne Law School, Monash University and at the Australian Council of Trade Unions. At the ACTU, she was responsible for researching and providing advice on a range of areas of Australian employment and labour law, as well as international labour standards, human rights and corporate accountability. From 2010-2014, she also acted as an Australian Worker Delegate to the International Labour Organisation's International Labour Conference in Geneva.